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Re: Oscar-Echo APRS

>>> "Pedro EB4DKA" <eb4dka@AMSAT.Org> 02/22/04 9:26 AM >>>

> Will the Oscar-Echo support APRS?

My understanding is that ECHO will have a digital transponder 
similar to UO-22 and the other PACSATS that will be on most 
of the time.  In that mode it can digipeat low-duty-cycle APRS if
the DIGIpeat bit is enabled.

The question is whether that bit will be ON or OFF and when.
It will probably boil down to demand.  The UO-22 digi bit had been
ON since 1999, showing that these two modes can share a
transponder perfectly well.  But recently when UO-22 was reloaded 
in 2004, the APRS bit has been OFF.  Thus stranding the APRS 
WX station on Antarctica and others who depended on this 

I believe there will be an ECHO committee that will make
operational decisions about ECHO.  I guess it all depends on 
Demand.  If People want to see UI digipeating, then they should
let their AMSAT area coordinators know.  If they want old fashioned
PACSAT operations and to exclude UI digipeating, then they should
also let their AMSAT representatives know.  Whether that bit is 
enabled will probably be determined by how the ECHO committee
perceives the needs of the users...

An opinion only...
de WB4APR Bob
(Not connected with ECHO or AMSAT on this subject)
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