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Re: P3-E progress report

Jeff Davis wrote:

> Phil Karn <karn@ka9q.net> wrote:
>>It would be easy and almost free to give AMSAT members lots of nice, 
>>hi-res color spacecraft photos, if the Journal were published only on 
>>the web. Then all that money currently spent on printing and mailing 
>>could go instead to satellite construction.
> Careful Phil, everytime online publishing is mentioned someone chimes in
> about all those AMSAT members who don't have net access, computers,
> indoor plumbing, electricity, etc.

Yeah, as if no one had ever thought of sending printed copies just to 
*them* instead of everyone.

I've been on a paper-reduction campaign for some time. I recently got 
rid of a whole bunch of AMSAT Journals, QSTs and QEXs and replaced them 
with CD-ROMs. It cost more than it should have, but it's still cheaper 
than extra shelving -- or a bigger house.


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