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Receiving UO-11 on S-Band

Scott, M1SJE wrote -

>Just wanting to check before I sort my kit out for the 1st of march to
>receiving uo-11.

>Basicly, it's the same as my ao-40 gear apart from the helix, it needs
>to >be left hand polorization.

The AO-40 RHP should be OK.  Most of the time the signals come off the
side of the antenna, where the polarisation gets changed. 

>What sort of signal am I likely to get, ive heard some audio files from
>>the net and its just a tone. The audio tone of the signal is dropping
>in >freq, but I assume that is due to the mass amount of doppler?

Due to the Doppler, it is a rapidly changing signal.  Some of the
recordings have computer controlled frequency correction which you will
hear attempting to keep the beat tone constant.  Some also may have DSP
noise reduction, which improves the S/N ratio.

How strong (from other people's experience) would I get using the k5gna
system with an 80cm offset dish?

I've received many reports over the years.  These have varied from one
S-point above the noise, upwards!  Generally it's a weak signal, but you
should be able to hear it, it you have heard the transponded signals on
AO-40. I heard it OK with the same equipment, on my first and only

I suggest you set the dish in the correct direction, and elevation for
about 20 degree signals, then tune round for the signal, as the
satellite approaches.  You can then repeat this as the satellite goes
away.  It's probably best to avoid the very high angles of elevation
when everything is changing very fast, unless you have automatic AZ-EL
on the dish. At the lower angles of elevation frequency and AZ-EL
changes are much slower.

>And if trying to receive uo-11 is a good idea while im getting drunk (its
>20th birthday had to be on my 22nd :) ?

It's probably best to wait until you have something to celebrate, or
need to drown your sorrows :-)

>Also, from what I have read, there is no telemetery on the s band, just
>>that tone, is this correct?.

It's just a CW carrier. If you receive very strong signals, then you
might be able to detect a very weak sub carrier at 1200 Hz.

There is a lot of info about UO-11 on my website -

Hope this helps.  


	 Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.
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