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Re: Signal to noise ratio?

On Saturday 21 February 2004 23:13, John B. Stephensen wrote:
> It seems to me that AMSAT board members aren't obligated to read this list
> any more than other AMSAT members. One person stated that he is president
> of an association and reads all email addressed to him. AMSAT board members
> probably respond to all email addressed to them. Their email addresses are
> public and we can contact them directly at any time.
> 73,
> John

Hi John, 
  not sure I would agree with that... being that this is sponsored by Amsat-NA 
and their position in Amsat  I would think they should have more of a 
interest than the rank and file, if these were feedback cards you were 
mailing in and they just shredded them without reading you would probably be 
  on the other hand if this was a third party BB not affiliated with Amsat-NA 
then I would agree with you completely...

BTW I know of more than one individual who has sent email's to BOD members and 
never got a reply or the reply was over a month later...

Kevin WA6FWF
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