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Re: Signal to noise ratio?

"First let me say that AMSAT Board members and
Officers often do not read Amsat-BB messages because of the quantity and the
low "signal to noise" of the content of many of the messages"

Warning opinion follows...

Hi All,
there has been a lot discussion on signal to noise ratio of the BB...

what is the purpose of the BB?  I thought it was for an exchange of ideas, 
facts, knowledge...
And as a place to put out opinions on where Amsat-NA should go in the 

If the BOD is unhappy with the signal to noise ratio on the BB I would suggest 
they all start reading it every day and pass along their knowledge and wisdom 
to improve that ratio...

doesn't anyone else find it odd that for the most part they sit back and 
complain that the BB is not worth reading and yet don't do a thing to fix 
that problem?

I'm on 7 mailing lists and read them all, you think the Amsat-BB is active.. 
try subscribing to the Elecraft BB...

   I read them all every day because I think it is worth my time and I learn 
from it... and on occasion I have been able to help someone else out...

I think its time that the people on the BOD who have the answers start helping 

opinion off...

Kevin WA6FWF

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