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Receiving UO-11 on S-Band

Hi there,

Just wanting to check before I sort my kit out for the 1st of march to
receiving uo-11.

Basicly, it's the same as my ao-40 gear apart from the helix, it needs to be
left hand polorization.

Also, some questions :).

What sort of signal am I likely to get, ive heard some audio files from the
net and its just a tone. The audio tone of the signal is dropping in freq,
but I assume that is due to the mass amount of doppler?

How strong (from other people's experience) would I get using the k5gna
system with an 80cm offset dish?

And if trying to receive uo-11 is a good idea while im getting drunk (its
20th birthday had to be on my 22nd :) ?

Also, from what I have read, there is no telemetery on the s band, just that
tone, is this correct?.

if the info is on the net, I cant look it up at the moment cause I am at
work :/.

Thanks for any info :).

Scott Elliott


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