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Re: Re:Re:Re: Re: The hard questions..

Assi Friedman wrote:

> Non-volatile memory is being used very successfuly on many modern flight
> systems, therefore removing any need to keep a portion of your C&DH powered
> at any point. Such a system can power cycle as many times as you want, self
> boot the RTOS, load the last saved configuration state and continue from
> that.

What kind of non-volatile memories are these? Program once? 
Electronically reprogrammable (e.g., flash)? What are their radiation 

If program-once memories are used, anything that goes in them would have 
to be written and thoroughly debugged well before launch. It could no 
longer be "launch the hardware, then write the software".

In AMSAT's defense, others do this too. The recent NOVA special on the 
Mars Exploration Rovers brought a smile to my face when one of the 
project leaders remarked about how great it was to be able to launch the 
rovers and months later, send up the software. He (or someone else) did 
admit to some concerns about the software to be used after the rovers 
landed on Mars...


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