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Signal to noise ratio?

Hello Rick

<<There are a few messages like yours spinning aimlessly around in amsat-bb 
I picked yours to answer. First let me say that AMSAT Board members and
Officers often do not read amsat-bb messages because of the quantity and the
low "signal to noise" of the content of many of the messages.  If you want
their attention address your messages to them.  <<

I am not going to get into the AO-40 thing...there is a time and a place for 
that but this isnt it.

Having said the above I find your paragraph and tone above amazing.  I am 
the President of a 1.6 million dollar Community Association (CLCCA.0rg or 
call my general manger Ms. Carol Hunter at 281.488.0360 and ask what I do).  
We take in more money in a year then Amsat dreams about.  We are one of the 
largest associations in Texas.

Its a volunteer job...I have to get elected not only to the Board but to the 
Presidency (and I did the last time by aclimation).  Heres the deal.

I get about 30-40 calls/emails/faxes/ about the Association about as 
frequent if not more so then this mesage board ...and (listen carefully)I 
RESPOND TO EVERY DARN ONE OF THEM.  I dont care if it goes to a "core" that 
I dont represent I get the message and I respond to them.  I dont complain 
about the signal to noise ratio (and its high I have a lot of "geniuses" 
from NASA and the contractors who can solve anything but cant tie their 
shoes) I just make myself available to answer the questions.

And my day job keeps me as busy as yours does.  Actually it probably keeps 
me quite more engaged then yours as I have a day job (and night one I fly 
airplanes that are more complex then Oscar 40) and run a business on the 

I could engage on a lot of points and really dont want to now...but your 
paragraph is frankly pretty silly.  If you cant take the time to respond to 
folks who are not as informed as you doubtless are and find that to taxing 
then you need to evaluate your goals.

I am a life member of AMSAT and ARRL.  Where does that rate me on the signal 
to noise ratio?  Its a simple question...take the time our of your taxing 
day and answer it.

Robert G. Olerr WB5MZO Houston TX  actually Clear Lake City Texas

PS there is a time and a place to question who placed all eggs in the AO-40 
basket...but not now.


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