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Re: Re: The hard questions..

Daniel Schultz wrote:

> For the next satellite, we need to employ another NASA technique, and have
> mandatory and formal design review by outsiders not intimately connected to
> the project. Independent review can spot many problems that are invisible to
> the people who work day to day on the project. I recently spent several weeks
> trying to debug some code that I wrote, until I got someone else to look at it
> and they discovered that one line of code had been left out, I failed to see
> it but someone else spotted it.

Amen. This is precisely why open-source software is often much higher in 
quality than any equivalent proprietary product. This often surprises 
those uninitiated in the concept, but it has been demonstrated countless 
times. As the saying goes, with enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow.

Dan's observation is hardly new. When I was a kid building Heathkits, I 
remember each manual carried the excellent advice to have a friend check 
your work, as they could often spot in seconds mistakes that you 
consistently overlooked for hours.


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