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battery question

This question comes from someone smarter than I...but as I've
not seen it posted here, I'm going to ask:

NiCd batteries, made up of series'd cells, often exhibit failure
of more than one cell, at around the same time.  I've seen this
in a number of applications... electric razors and CCD cameras and
power tools.  The guy who is smarter than I noticed the same thing,

The question:  Might the more-or-less simultaneous failures relate
to trickle charging series connected cells....and might the outcome
be more randomized, or different, if individual cells were charged
in parallel?  

If someone KNOWS something, I'd like to hear the answer.  If NOBODY
KNOWS...then perhaps it's interesting research.

I had some experience with a routine of full discharge/full recharge,
on individual cells, 20+ years ago.  But that was not in a data 
collecting environment, and annecdotal 'evidence' isn't worth much.


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