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Re: Eagle ?

At 06:18 PM 2/19/04 -0800, "Steve O'Neal" <steveoneal@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>Are there any presentations on Eagle on the AMSAT.ORG web site?  Looked
>around tonight and could not find any.
>Steve N6CRR

Things like that would detract from Echo and they didn't want to do 
anything like that until the Echo goal was reached.   You can read that in 
Rick Hambly's post of a few days ago.  Since then, they have decided to put 
up the much needed and wanted Eagle thermometer.  It might be a good idea 
to have Eagle's thermometer moved to a different part of the web page so 
donors don't accidently confuse it with the rectal thermometer to the left 
of it.


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