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Re: [officers] Fwd: New projects?

At 09:21 PM 2/19/2004 -0500, Lou McFadin wrote:
>That is not exactly true. There is a lot of work going on other than the 
>funded efforts. There is a very active group at Santa Rosa Jr. College in 
>California busy developing the navigation sensors for Eagle. They are also 
>preparing to build the module boxes that will be used for Eagle and 
>perhaps future satellites. Dick Jansson has also been busy.
>You need to poll the Eagle group before making such blanket statements.

Thanks Lou

I think that this type of thing is what was being asked for. It is GREAT to 
hear that things are being worked on in the background at this time.

Now the question that I have is when is Stan going to be ready for me to 
give him a hand with the antennas etc.???

73, Bill N4XEO

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