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Re: uo-11 s-band

Very good.  I vividly remember a few years ago, getting ready for P3D (before AO-40 had a name) and cobbling together my first S-band receiving setup (a Drake 2880).  I hooked it up to a home brewed helix and heard that now-familiar beacon.  That was the first "microwave" signal from space I had ever heard.  I was so excited I forgot to record it.

Just by coincidence, I received today an email from Andrew, HK4MKE, who also just heard UO-11's beacon on his new K5GNA system.  I know how excited he must be.  Perhaps if enough people inundate Jim, G3WGM, with UO-11 20th Anniversary QSL requests, amsat-uk will see their way to produce some nice "real" QSL cards :-)
Jerry, K5OE/VK8
(looking forward to AO-40's awakening, ECHO's launch, P3E, and Eagle) 

N0ZHE writes:
UO-11 S-Band still sounds good, but wow sure is alot of doppler.
copied at 21:45 utc 2-19-04

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