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New projects?

Hi all,

I went to the Amsat.org web site today to look for some Eagle-related info.
I didn't see anything pertaining to Eagle (other than the new Eagle Build
Campaign thermometer! Nice work!), so I clicked on a link titled 'New
Projects' http://www.amsat.org/amsat/news/ans2001/ans01063.html#02
and found myself reading news from March 4, 2001!

I realize that we're a volunteer organization, but maybe we could update the
site a little more often? I'd also be interested in more Eagle information.

I'm not a web developer by any stretch of the imagination, although I have
written a couple basic web pages for my web site, but if I can be of any
help to improve the web site, please let me know.

Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas
Amsat# 35249

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