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have you donated yet?

Well just cut another check for project ECHO, and one for EAGLE. if you have
not made your donation to the project ECHO launch campain yet, just remember
your satellite gear will be collecting dust if there is no satellites to
work. (and I think no one wants to see dust on there rigs)

By the looks of the launch campain for ECHO it is evedent that not all AMSAT
members have donated yet, we all need to donate even if it is just a small
amont every dollar counts.

By now you have seen me post many plees for funding of the ECHO launch
campain, you may even think I am a big LEO fan, (and I do have fun working
them) but my real joy is in the HEO satellites, but (WE) THE SATELLITE
OPERATORS) need to help get ECHO launched, then the HEO fans can get under
way on donating big on project EAGLE.

In the past week there has been many views expressed on the amsat-bb, yes it
may be time to look back and review what has been and what should have been
done, but it is not time to stop and move backwards you cant change the past
but the futer can be shaped, so lets all be apart of it, life does go on.

I for one look foreward in reading all posting on this amsat-bb they may not
all fit my views but that is what makes us all different.Just remember you
do have a delete key on your key board and you dont even have to open a
email just read the subject matter to see if you want to read it or not.

AMSAT member 27994
AMSAT Area Coordinator
Greg Wycoff
Conway Springs, Ks.
Grid EM17ej

worked the following satellites
AO-13, AO-10, AO-40, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29
RS-10, RS15, RS-12/13,  SO-35, UO-14, SO-41
SO-50, KO-23, KO25, TO-31, UO-22

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also email me at: GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com

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