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RE: Simon says "What a Wonderful World"

Hi all,

Not sure if I understood everything Luc wrote, and for that matter, just
what his main point was, but somehow it seemed the best email in these last
few weeks since I subscribed to the list. Some people have lost sight, in
their anger and sadness.

I am NOT currently an AMSAT member, but unlike some that think now is the
time to leave, I'm thinking now is the time to join.

I purchased a Drake downconverter for AO-40 about a year ago, and a mth ago,
at last got a multimode transceiver with the aim to get onto AO-40. I spent
some time with a local ham also using a Drake converter for AO-40, and he
had got to the point where he could receive and decode telemetery and was
starting to copy a few of the better ssb signals.

When we lost AO-40 I was deeply sad, and still am, on account of the things
I intended to do, and now can't. But I also understand I have not made
anything like the time and money investments of so many others.

So, instead, I've been seeing what of the other sats I can copy. So far only
some packets off ISS and PCSat. Seems many of the LEOs are sick, broken, or
in a few cases, and not turned on while over New Zealand.

I'm thinking I will join AMSAT-NZ, so that in due course we may be able to
lunch Kiwisat. But I'm also thinking of joining AMSAT-NA, as a way of adding
my support to Echo. And now of course, looking forward to Eagle etc to
replace in a sense, AO-40.

My vote of thanks to all that people have added to the work that has gone
before, and encourage you towards what will follow. Thankyou.

And of course, like many others, I hope for AO-40 to return to service if it
will ...

Jim Towler
New Zealand.

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Simon says "What a Wonderful World"

Thats many AO-40 users says when operating "What a Wonderful World". On many
comments i received after my LEO 
vs HEO poll, one constant remain 100% non north american stations are in
favor of HEO. Less in NA are in 
favor of HEO but they will all fully support HEO only after Echo launch.


3-Critical mass of builders and technician
4-Whats come first AMSAT bod decisions or memberships needs
5-International cooperation

In an ideal world all the XYZSAT groups will gettogether in planning any
HAMSAT program. As i already wrote i 
don't see any logics in cascading LEO batteries powered LEO. Should we
concentrate our ressources in building 
one big one...a HEO that's whats HAMS wants.

Or should we specialized AMSAT-NA in LEO and let AMSAT-DL developping HEO
with other AMSAT groups?

As many comments says we cannot get both right now. When AO-40 was operating
it was sound to developped echo 
AMSAT-DL is involved with P3E. But reality change how can we ask a majority
to wait to satisfied a minority?

How AMSAT-NA evaluate and review the existing options? If it takes 10
millions to build an HEO from scratch, 
how much is needed to complete P3E? AMSAT-UK donates for echo when echo was
ON did they do the same if AO-40 
was OFF?  AMSAT-ZL wants to develop KIWI-SAT  AMSAT-FR is working on EDUSAT
AMSAT INDIA is working on VUSAT
There was also Starshine and STP's Picosat, Sapphire and PCSat, sputnik and
we still have ISS a big 10-4 one.

I KNOW...I KNOW they are all good project and i will not evaluate them on a
scale of 10 but lets think i will 
give them all a 10 mark...good enough! and i will give also a 10 to all the
small groups of technician who 
volumteers their time and work and bleed on theses projects YOU KNOW WHY???

BECAUSE IT IS THEIR BIG TOYS they are so involved in the makink of their
dream machine they forget the rest 
to a point to called anyone who is not sharing their passion and or ideas
STUPID.or ignorant.

Whats the YXZSAT can do...they are funds providers unable to effectively
lead they try to follow the wave 
without making too big one.

I also received some comments and read some post about what we should say
and we should not say because we 
will only divide and split membership! is it something new?  I never see as
much unsubscribers resurecting 
when there is fierce discussion to only give their 2 cents and vanish AGAIN.
Probably a new snake species 
they bite and run. (Read humour here)

Our wonderful world is already divided AMSAT membership, BOD, AMSAT-BB are
only a pale copy of our real 
world. Please don't let me cry about the uglyness on some thread. When
discussions stops war starts AMSAT is 
in good shape, war is far away...

To conclude:

There is an urgent need in AMSAT to take the stand and lay the cards on the
table. Whats we do wrong! whats 
we do right here is the facts. Now we start from scratch how can we
effectively lead, how can we have a sound 
base to sell and defend our programs, goals, ideas and be aware of our
memberships desires and dreams.

BTW if we purge all hot air, whinning and so qualified comments what we will
have to read soon... when all 
our ham satellites will be gone?  ECHO will be there and ouups! i'm looping
back here.

I'm taking someone else position!  i go under my rock...

What a wonderfull world and don't worry be happy.

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
Sites web sites: www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

Echolink node 115340 VE2DWE-L
Echolink node 101810 VE2DWE

P.O. Box 341
Sorel-Tracy  QC.
J3P 5T6

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