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Parkes 64m Radio Telescope Listens for AO-40

Dear All

With our attempts to restore AO-40 we have received today significant
support from "Parkes Observatory" in Australia. http://www.parkes.atnf.csiro.au/

"The Parkes Observatory" is operated by the "Australia Telescope National
Facility (ATNF)" which is part of "Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation (CSIRO).

>From here were received the live pictures of Apollo 11 Moon landing, 1969. See
above homepage of Parkes.

The radiotelescope has a diameter of 64 metres and the system noise figure is
approx. 25 K.

>From about 6:00 UTC, a 4 MHz wide spectrum with center frequency of 1097 MHz
was scanned with high level technique in order to find the LO frequency of the
AO-40 L1 receiver. A band of approx. +/- 20 kHz around the actual LO frequency
was examined intensively.  Three hours were needed to prepare the setup for
AO-40 and to search.    

Unfortunately nothing was heard which could be a signal of AO-40!!

The fact that nothing was heard of the L1 receiver's LO does not lead to the
conclusion that AO-40 is completely dead. The receivers of Parkes are not
really fitted for frequencies below 1.25 GHz, and naturally one does not know
how good the L1 receiver's LO is shielded or how much of the signal would go
through the antenna to the outside world. During the next days more research

The L1 command receiver is continuously switched on, and it would have been
good news if we had such a confirmation that the 10 V power source for the L1
receivers is still functioning. All receivers and also the IHU  are supplied
with the 10 V source.

All command stations are continuing to send commands to the satellite in order
to switch the batteries.

I would like to say a great thank you on behalf of AMSAT-DL to Brett Dawson,
VK2CBD and the team of Parkes observatory, especially to Dr. John Reynolds
(Officer in Charge) and John Sarkissian (Operations Scientist).

Peter Guelzow, DB2OS
President AMSAT-DL

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