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Flame wars....java v. C++...Heo v. Leo...Enough Already !!

Here's the deal,  All you software types get together and start working
on new dsp schemes
for things like  A Rudak based PSK-31 robot (similiar to the old RS-12
robot), OR a simple
Hell Regenerator (so us real weak signal nuts can run local oscillators
for transmitters) OR
how about a simple PIC and DIsplay that you can download a few days
worth of tracking info
for several birds to that we can keep in our pocket for working FM
Handi-sats. (no pun intended).

Hardware guys,  I dont see now 10M/2M psk-31 to FM transponder , nor do
i see a Simple 1/2 W
mode A or T that we can make a Kit for university's yet.  ( I want my
fingers in this one).
So lets get off our asses and make use of the too-short Time that we
have of hardly no sats to work,
cause you know when we get one or two up there we will have zero time
for projects.
In my case just keeping my homegrown crap working is a major feat.


Keith N6ORS
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