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Re: Yaesu 5400

At 07:36 PM 2/18/04 +0000, Stan, Wa1ECF wrote:
>Hello Vince,
>I have a balky cable wrap problem in weather below 0 deg F.
>In az is hard to get to the limits of travel. Have to back up and go again 
>to get to the limits.
>Other obstructions outside of the rotator need to be investigated before 
>actual rotator work.

Thanks Stan.

There aren't any hang ups with cables.   Over the years I've taken this 
setup all over the place.  You may even be able to see pictures of it in 
Amsat Journal field day write ups.   Murphy's Law has taught me all the 
things that can give trouble with certain setups.  So I think it needs to 
be taken down and cleaned up or I could just keep on using it until it 
fails.   The temperatures in Montana can be 20 below zero in the winter and 
over 100F in the summer so I need to find a wide temperature range 
grease.   I may replace all the bearings too.


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