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Re[2]: amsat-dl contribution page

Hello Dave,

Wednesday, February 18, 2004, 8:55:39 PM, you wrote:

>>For those of you who have made mistakes trying to give to amsat-dl
>>or who have been intimidated by it into not giving, Reinhard and
>>his crew have done a wonderful job of explaining the steps and
>>then allowing you to go to the bottom and click on a standard
>>Nice job Reinhard!

> Yes, Bob, I could not agree more, but "Kartenprufnummer" took me a few 
> stabs to get it...BUT READ the first page credit card instructions!!

> I ordered a manual on Reading German, looks like I'll be needing it, but it 
> has not arrived....

If you need any explanation just ask me! No need for such a manual  :-))


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