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Open Source Satellites (was: The hard questions..)

Dear Kevin and all other friends of the open source sat,
please bear in mind:

All Amsat Satellites are open source!

Why do I say this? Because every single operator who is willing to spend 
some serious thoughts and time and skills on such a project is more than 
welcome! By 'serious', I mean: dedicate some amount (more than 5 
minutes) of your time to a problem, approach the people in charge and 
say so!

I did so and had been invited to a P3-E kickoff meeting here in Germany. 
Although my expertise is certainly little compare to the veterans among 
us.. still, I wanted (and still want) to help where I can and those OMs 
appreciate all help they can get. And be certain, you will also get 
access to the data.

An example? Jonathan, G4KLX digged himself into the IPS code, which runs 
on all the P3 birds.. he took Phil Karn's idea of FEC coding and asked 
James G3RUH for help to implement this on AO-40.. and bang, all of a 
sudden he (and his code) was inside the AO-40 project. The results of 
having FEC on AO-40 are well known, I suppose.

What won't happen: publishing of schematics, co and drawings in the 
Internet, so that everybody can judge by a 5 minutes view from its PC: 
oh this is crap, why not doing it another way? Sorting out all the 
resulting ideas (certainly good and bad ones) would be a lifetime job..

Just my thoughts.. so please, if you do have ideas, contact the 
developers and offer help!

73s Achim, DH2VA

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