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Re: MARS rise & set times

Nick Adiletto wrote:

> Phil;
> This query has come a few times. If you goto  www.giss.nasa.gov/tools/mars24/
> and download the java program showing the planet Mars with all vehicles as to
> their lon/lat (on Mars) ,also there is an excellent MSD (Mars Solar Day)
> readout with the earth's GMT also shown. This is a application in progress
> very similar to the InstanTrack program. You'll need a java 1.5 platform to
> run.

I already have and use Mars24; it's a nice program for what it does, but 
it doesn't give me what I was asking for.

I want the actual Mars-centered orbital elements for the various 
spacecraft now orbiting Mars so I can plug them into Starry Night Pro 
and see where they are relative to the various landers on the planet and 
when they are visible to earth.

By the way, on OS X at least Mars24 burns an awful lot of CPU time for 
what it does, about 34% of a 2 GHz G5. Probably because it's written in 
Java, a remarkably inefficient language.


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