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Re: AMSAT-BB forums

Assi Friedman wrote:

>Would it be prudent to split the AMSAT-BB boards into two or three different
>boards to address the "signal to noise" issue. The three groups I see most
>prevalent: 1. Technical, to discuss technical issues, sat building, hardware
>and such 2. Operational, to discuss spacecraft operating 3. Policy &
>(I have no clue how much effort this would entail for Paul to set it up) I
>might end up signing up for all three, but mail rules will make it easy
>splitting it into three different folders of interest. Assi kk7kx/4x1kx

Many of the things we discuss fit into more than one category. What is
considered technical by one person might be considered political by another.
The dividing line between political and technical is often hazy. Technical
considerations often drive political decisions and vice versa.

The people who build the satellites need to know what problems the users are
having. The operators need to understand why satellites are built the way they
are and why they can't always get what they would like. All engineering issues
eventually end up as political matters, as it relates to the best way to spend
scarce resources and different people have different priorities on what is
important (HEO vs LEO vs Lunar, FM vs SSB vs CW, etc)

Fracturing amsat-bb into multiple lists would invite endless debates about
whether a particular message "belongs" on this list or that other list, and
lots of "please take this to the other list" messages. Many would feel a need
to subscribe to all three lists to avoid missing anything important. Many
posters would feel a need to cross post to all three lists to make sure that
no one misses their input, meaning that those who subscribe to all three lists
would get the same messages two or three times.

If you get too much e-mail, consider subscribing to the "digest" version. You
get one or two digests per day, you can skim the subject lines and skip the
uninteresting messages. I routinely dispose of each days BB messages in a
couple of minutes. 

AMSAT-BB-digest      Tuesday, February 17 2004      Volume 2004 : Number 076
In this issue:

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You can also unsubscribe entirely and just read the list archives off of the
Amsat web site, the only downside to that is that you cannot post to the list
unless you are a subscriber.

Michael Hatzakis wrote:
>I would support more strict enforcement of the list rules or limiting policy
>discussions.  Unfortunately, many of the threads are policy regarding
>technical issues, thus, I think these discussions would follow the lists.

Unless someone agrees to be the "editor", how do you enforce such limits?
Unless there is an editor with a delete key, the only way to "enforce"
anything is for a lot of self appointed "net police" to issue complaints after
the fact. All you do is open up endless discussions of which messages are
appropriate or not.

Dan Schultz N8FGV
Amsat Member #9069

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