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That might knock the noise down a few notches...

Keith N6ORS

Hello Keith.  I am a life member of both AMSAT and the ARRL (go ahead and 
verify it if you want to your time to waste).  I have not donate a penny 
since then to AMSAT and as things stand dont intend to.  (doubtless your 
talking point)

What is the "get to talk about it level" for you?  Or more to the point what 
does being a life member buy you in terms of discussion?  Or just 
subscribing for a year?  Or just built a station that would work AO-40?

To my mind questions have merit based on the merit of the question.  Those 
who set other "bars" usually (and I dont know if this is the case here) are 
trying to obscure the merit of the question.

Sorry I live in a world where the merit of the question is more important 
then a lot of other "bars".

Return to normal programing.  Robert G. Oler WB5MZO  Houston TX

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