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RE: Need help getting on MO-46 TIUNGSAT-1


Tiungsat has not been operational since late December /03 but with some
luck, will soon be back up and running again.
Also, this bird has not been made available for uploading; I was only
downloading the occasional image that it captured.

In order to operate this bird, you have to to wake up the bird by modifying
WiSP (assuming you are using WiSP)registry files to "wake" up the bird.  To
do this, you need to do the following;
>Open the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WiSP\Satellites\TiungSat
>Right mouse click on the right window in REGEDIT and select NEW->DWORD
>Enter the name as "Tx Request"
>Set the value to 1."

If you are interested in 38K4, then I would suggest checking out
http://symek.com/g/sat.html as a starting point.  I'm not currently aware of
any other manufactures that support 38K4.

Good luck,
Harmen VE3EMA

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I would like to try and work MO-46. I have a DSP-2232 which I work the 1200
and 9600 birds along with Kenwood TS-2000. I need info on a modem for 38K
that MO-46 requires. Will the TS 2000 work at this speed? Is any one on the
BBS operational on this bird? Info greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Frank/KB2MVN

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