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Re: Re: One working LEO?

In a message dated 02/17/04 10:20:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bruninga@usna.edu writes:

> And of the 21 numbered satellites since 
>  FO29, plus the 6 DEAD cubesats and the 3 LIVE ones 
>  that dont really have transponders nor OSCAR numbers,
>  there is only one working LEO(supporting general 
>  COMMS) out of 30...
>  This is not a good track record for universities and others...

All the more reason for us (AMSAT) to develop a "blackbox" package which, 
while it is "amateur" technologically sound, can be offered to the universities 
for incorporation into their platforms.

A single developed blackbox would eliminate the expenses of design and lower 
those of duplication while providing the amateur community with reliable LEO 
communications. An AMSAT/university liaison could do the "selling" and 
consulting while keeping track of existing projects...any launch or in flight loss 
would have minimal effect on the financial situation at AMSAT.

Typical examples which currently work along this line are PE1RAH's 
contribution to VUSAT, Bob Bruninga's projects with ISS and other launches, and the 
MIREX/SAFEX project on MIR and ISS.

If AMSAT continues to work the way we are now, the question of finances will 
slow all projects to a crawl. If the LEO launches are there for the 
universities, let's work with them.

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