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Re: Re: One working LEO?

At 10:24 AM 2/17/2004, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>One factoid that the rabid HEO anti-ECHO crowd
>should consider is that in 1997/98, there were
>about 17 working satellites and 16 of them were
>LEO's.  You could "work" 11 of them mobile with
>an FM rig. The only HEO was a limping AO-10.


I'm someone who has not supported LEO projects funded by AMSAT-NA. I don't 
consider myself in "the rabid HEO anti-ECHO crowd". Whether it's been 
excellent planning or simply good fortune, the last 10-15 years has 
certainly proven that there are LOTS of people who wanted to fund and 
launch LEOs. You should know that all too well given your own contributions.

Whether it was the folks at Surrey, the Naval Academy, Japan or in South 
Africa, there were Universities chomping at the bit to build and launch 
small sats and with a little help and encouragement we were all the 
beneficiaries of these programs.

Many of us opined that AMSAT-NA should have been dividing our time 
developing these opportunities while spending our hard earned money on HEO 
projects. I still believe that, although perhaps that window of opportunity 
has closed and we will have to build our own LEOs from here on out?

As members, we all have the right to question how the organization is 
steering the future of amateur radio in space, and we all have opinions.

But having said that, things have taken a pretty nasty tone here on 
amsat-bb of late. It's one thing to voice an opinion or challenge another's 
ideas ... it's quite another thing to be openly rude and obnoxious to 
fellow radio amateurs.

Communication via space fascinates me on many levels ... I enjoy learning 
the technical aspects of a hobby that is not at all common, and I also find 
that the number of space enthusiasts outside the US is quite high. I've 
made many friends in many a faraway land via amateur satellite and I cringe 
(as should we all) whenever someone makes a downright hateful posting or 
reply that reflects very poorly on our organization and North Americans in 

So let's share opinions, and challenge what we think are bad decisions by 
our leaders, but lets do so in a productive and friendly manner.

I'm downright positive that the HEO folks and the LEO folks can get along 
just fine.

See you on the birds!

73 de Jeff, Ke9v
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