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Re: Re: One working LEO?

>>> Jeff Davis wrote:

> ... Whether it's been  excellent planning or simply good fortune, 
> the last 10-15 years has certainly proven that there are LOTS of 
> people who wanted to fund and laaunch LEO's...
> ... there were Universities chomping  at the bit...

Yes, but the success rate and actual communications
reliability is very poor (mine included).  Universites just
don't normally have the same motivation of just plane
good-ole'-comms-for-HAMS.  That's what ECHO was 
supposed to fix.  A professionally built satellite purely
for HAM radio communications.  BY AMSAT.

> Many of us opined that AMSAT-NA should have been 
> dividing our time and developing these opportunities while 
> [also] spending our hard earned money on HEO projects. 
> I still believe that...

Yes, good point about letting the universities launch the
LEO's, but since the successes of OSCARS up to #29
over 10 years ago, I can think of only one non-AMSAT
bird serving any hams with any reliability at all, [SO-50].

Thus, I do think AMSAT realized that depending on
Universities and others (with other agenda's) was NOT
serving the communications needs of Amateur Satellite 
Service operators well, and that AMSAT should step in 
and DO IT RIGHT (echo).

Then, with that success, they can get back to producing
the more complex, more expensive, MORE DESIREABLE
HEO's (that no university will do for us)...

So I agree with your point, but the success record has
been abismal.  And of the 21 numbered satelllites since 
FO29, plus the 6 DEAD cubesats and the 3 LIVE ones 
that dont really have transponders nor OSCAR numbers,
there is only one working LEO(supporting general 
COMMS) out of 30...
This is not a good track record for universities and others....

Again, lets finish the job with ECHO and then get some
HEO's up there! As soon as we can afford it.

de WB4APR, Bob
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