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RE: ISS still on split 5.800/5.825 ..?

Not yet connected successfully, but just fixed a problem with my PK-232MBX
and will try again tommorrow.  Thanks, Michael.

(Do you have those freq's reversed or is it different in your side of the

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Hi Michael,

I made use of the PMS and digi about 12 hours ago. It was still listening on
145.825 MHz and transmitting on 145.800 MHz

Various people have written that they have successfully used a number of
different unproto paths. I have only succeeded with APRS via RS0ISS-3 (I'm
not suggesting that other paths don't work - they just don't work for me).
If you are not having any luck, you may want to experiment with the path you
are using.

Best Wishes

Sil - ZL2CIA (ex PA3HIL)

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From: "Michael Hatzakis" <mike@hatzakis.net>

> ISS still on split 145.800 R/145.825 T or is it listening on 145.990 now?
> MH

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