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Re: MARS rise & set times

Jeffrey Comstock wrote:

> I am very interested in knowing when Odyssey and MGS are passing over
> Spirit and Opportunity.  I can't find a good source of information for this.
> Does anyone know of any software that will tell me this information ?

I'm interested in the same thing. Starry Night Pro can model satellites 
orbiting other planets, so all I need are the Mars-centered orbital 
elements for Mars Odyssey, MGS, etc, and I'd be in business. But I 
haven't been able to find them yet. Anybody know where I can get them? 
The usual channels don't carry elements for non-earth-orbiting objects.

BTW, Starry Night Pro is an incredible program that does pretty much 
everything that people here have been asking for. There's no need to 
reinvent the wheel in Instant Track.


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