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Re: Re: One working LEO?

> Fact`s?
> About 100 unused ssb channels against a few ,always overcrowded only half
> functioning and or dieing FM channels.
> Seldom a new callsign on SSB and  a hundred `new ` one`s
> in my UO-14 log , with ten procent of those still active.
> Yes i love FM ,  have a big rig , and still cry about 14....
> Chris PA5RWE

I have to admit I love them all, but what Chris has said is true. You only
find maybe 20 unique calls a week on FO-29 and AO-7, but there were dozens
on UO-14 (and RS-10 and RS-12 for that matter).

The most efficient way in my opinion, would be to "assist" university (or
commercial?) projects in return for a FM repeater payload, while
concentrating on SSB/CW transponders for our in-house projects. FM is more
simple, more compatible with data modes for experiments, and generally what
the unis fly. Imagine every uni bird having a 250 mw repeater like SO-50,
open for general use. They get design and operations experience from us, and
we get a free FM bird. An informal browsing of typical university projects
seems to find some lack of RF systems not hacked out of something else.
Maybe we should have a minimally funded project to develop a single tray RF
system for their control and downlink, and our use on the side. Add your
experiments, power supply, etc and go!

That being said, I have supported and "sold" Echo, Eagle, and P3E at every
turn. So far that means "working the booth", doing demos on SO-50, AO-7, and
FO-29, and giving ECHO presentations at 4 hamfests and 1 club meeting in the
last 3 months. There is plenty to do to help, and you can talk up whatever
pet project you'd like at these functions.

I cannot wait for Gunther's survey, and hope I'm one of the randomly chosen.

73, Drew KO4MA
member #33438

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