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Yaesu G-600X azimuth Roptor maintenance

Hello all,

- Please I need some help from whom already did this job.
I know there has been previous postings about this matter, but due to
computer exchange I lost this information.If there is any site available with
big pictures, I will apreciate the information.

I inted to disassemble the azimuth rotor to clean up and regrease the unit.In 
loocking to the exploded parts drawing, I understand that by losening the 
"Housing Ring" with the lower bearing section, I can take apart the "Upper 
Housing" with out disturbing the central motor and gear assembly and only 
exposing the upper bearing.
Please, is that correct.

Second question, in the upper housing is contained the "Internal Ring Gear".
Is this gear fixed by srews or is it only engaged by some fixure, in other words,
do you have to pay attention not to "lose his exact position" due to any limit
swiching device.

Thank you very much in advance for any information
Nicolaus Sallay-PP8DA
Verificado c/Norton Antivirus 2003

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