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Re: AMSAT-BB forums

At 9:52 AM -0800 2/17/04, Assi Friedman wrote:
>Would it be prudent to split the AMSAT-BB boards into two or three different
>boards to address the "signal to noise" issue.

I don't believe that would help. There would be a lot of 
cross-posting, and side arguments about which mailing list a given 
discussion belongs on. Many discussions start out technical and drift 
into policy or operational issues, or the other way around.

>(I have no clue how much effort this would entail for Paul to set it up)

It would be trivial to set up. The difficulty would arise in keeping 
each list "on topic". I already get angry responses when I try (with 
limited success) to keep the AMSAT-BB and SAREX mailing lists 
separate and on-topic.

73  -Paul
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