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Re: Re: One working LEO?

Hi Dianne:

>   He was suggesting that "HEO fanatics" were asking that it be cancelled,
> then in the same breath using the term "STUPID." Grammatically "it"
> is referring to the "act" not the people, however it is one inference that
> could be made from his statement, given the overall context. I would like
> to think he did not really mean that and I was simply pointing out that
> perhaps he should re-state how he said it".

You wrote:  " Calling the membership of AMSAT stupid is hardly a way of
winning friends".

You clearly stated that he had called the AMSAT membership "Stupid".  You
made no reference that "it" could be interpreted as an inference to the
AMSAT membership.  You made a clear accusation that was totally unfounded.

Bob is one of the more rational members of the AMSAT BB.  Yes, he gets
passionate about Satellites.  He has every right to do so, especially
considering his contribution to the science and hobby of satellite

I seriously doubt that he was inferring anything other than what was very
clearly stated in his original message.

There are a handful of people on this BB who have nothing better to do than
whine, bitch, look for someone to blame, and try to play "Monday Morning
Quarterback" on every decision that the BOD, or satellite designers and
controllers make.  There is nothing constructive in this activity.  People
who make baseless accusations like you did concerning Bob's comments, only
help to incite these people.

Yes, we need to have reviews of AMSAT decisions and failure analysis of
satellite designs, but they must be constructive, like Dan Schultz N8FGV
suggested earlier today.

I wonder just how many hams around the world have been so disillusioned
because of all the crap that goes on on the BB and either did not try their
hand at satellite operations, or left this hobby.

Just imagine what kind of an impression this destructive activity makes on a
corporate executive or anyone else considering a large donation to AMSAT.

If you felt that Bob had inferred that the AMSAT membership is "Stupid", you
should have responded "off-line" to him, and not add to the flames on the

# 5562

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