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Re: Re: One working LEO?

Hi Woody,

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 03:25:44PM -0500, Woody wrote:
> RE:  > for the next HEO?  By the way, we wouldnt save
>        > much at all.  A launch is contracted for years in
>        > advance and if you dont show up, you still pay...
>        > It would be stupid to stop working on ECHO...
> Dianne wrote:  "Calling the membership of AMSAT stupid is hardly a way of


> winning friends.
> Dianne:  What a load of crap!  Bob NEVER called the membership "Stupid".  He


  I never suggested we cancel ECHO either.

> stated a simple fact:  Canceling a Satellite  launch and still having to pay
> for it would be STUPID.  It appears that you are either trying to incite

  He was suggesting that "HEO fanatics" were asking that it be cancelled,
then in the same breath using the term "STUPID." Grammatically "it" 
is referring to the "act" not the people, however it is one inference that
could be made from his statement, given the overall context. I would like
to think he did not really mean that and I was simply pointing out that
perhaps he should re-state how he said it. 

  I have also come to the conclusion that it would be illogical to cancel it,
based on facts that Bob has presented to me in private email. But It is STUPID
to base ones actions on missing facts or on emotion.  I have politely suggested
to Bob, again in private email, that these facts be shared with the membership
of AMSAT in general. I feel that is up to Bob, not me.

> more whining and finger pointing, or you simply can not comprehend what you
> read.
  This is an obvious ad hominem.

- Diane Bruce, VA3DB, #35184
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