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Re: ECHO -vs- EAGLE-vs-P3E***RESULTS***

>27 votes received
>Votes for an HEO class...81%
>Votes for an LEO class...15%
>Rejected votes................ 4%

COMMENT:  A totally meaningless sum of opinionated responses.
For a survey to be valid, it has to select participation randmoly so
that the "strength" of opinion and the resultant selection effect
do not bias the result.

And the QUESTION was stupid.  "ECHO-vs-EAGLE"
What does that mean?

Does it mean flush ECHO down the toilet, throw away
all the money invested, including the LAUNCH costs
which we are obligated to pay whether we fly or not?

Or does it mean that if Today was the first day of
AMSAT and there were not a satellite in the sky
and there was not one in the hopper what would
it be?

Depending on the question, the result can be entirely
different.  Again, a stupid quesiton with stupid results.

Here is a better question that has some touch with reality:

"After ECHO, where should AMSAT focus its next effort?"

I bet the UNANOMOUS result would be a 

"A HEO bird!!!"

And I bet 99% will agree....

de WB4APR, Bob
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