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Re: Re: One working LEO?

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 11:52:37AM -0500, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >> There were 17 LEO's.  You could "work" 11 of them 
> >> mobile with an FM rig....
> >Thats making the unfounded assumption that the majority of AMSAT
> > members want to work FM mobile on a satellite.
> No it isnt an assumption about the 4000 AMSAT
> members at all.  Its an observation that maybe 300,000 
> HAMs in the USA have mobile FM rigs in their cars that

  No, thats a Logical Fallacy. Where are the facts that would substantiate
your assumption that these users would become permament amsat members?

> So there are advantages to FM and their are 
> advantages to SSB linear birds.   AMSAT needs a
> mix, and is on the right track.

  Not necessarily. Perhaps AMSAT is on the right track, perhaps it is not.
Without logically assessing what AMSAT membership wants, verifying
your assumption that a good fraction of these 300,000 HAMS you talk about
would indeed become hooked on sats and then futhermore become amsat
members. We cannot know whether or not AMSAT is on the right track.
You are relying on emotion not good cold hard logic and facts.

  Now, from a private response to Bob. I said this.

  The illogical conclusion here is, that the satellites we build                
must also have FM. FM is fine for a local voice coverage of an area.            
So why not take advantage of the strengths of both? Why not make the            
birds easy to line up on, stay in one place relatively                          
long so an FM to satellite gateway is easy to do? The engineering               
illogic confounds me. Maybe this just isn't as exciting as working              
a LEO using a handheld and arrow for 3 minutes. I would personally find it      
"cooler" if we could chat and get to know someone from an FM repeater via       
a satellite for at least half an hour to an hour.                   

> I dont know what you want?  Drop all work on ECHO
> and begin a 5 year, $10,000,000 campaign tomorrow

  I never said that You did.. 

> for the next HEO?  By the way, we wouldnt save 
> much at all.  A launch is contracted for years in 
> advance and if you dont show up, you still pay...
> It would be stupid to stop working on ECHO...

  Calling the membership of AMSAT stupid is hardly a way of winning friends.
Mistakes have been made, Robin has admitted it in his presidents report.
(Kudos to him btw.)  Logically speaking, we have an assembled bird, we have
paid for it as a membership, we have a launch pre-paid for. Yes, given
the facts I think we can conclude this is the sane thing to do.
Give us the facts please. Not the rhetoric.

> stop the useless carping about ECHO.  Its not one
> or the other.  SPACE is big.  There's room for both..

  Robin has more or less admitted the way ECHO was done was a mistake.
Perhaps it is time to carefully re-evaulate all of our assumptions.

- Diane Bruce, VA3DB #35184
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