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Re: Re: One working LEO?

>> There were 17 LEO's.  You could "work" 11 of them 
>> mobile with an FM rig....

>Thats making the unfounded assumption that the majority of AMSAT
> members want to work FM mobile on a satellite.

No it isnt an assumption about the 4000 AMSAT
members at all.  Its an observation that maybe 300,000 
HAMs in the USA have mobile FM rigs in their cars that
could hear those 11 birds.    I believe (as you do) 
that most AMSAT members have SSB radios and 
want LINEAR birds.  Me too.  But they have FM too.

So there are advantages to FM and their are 
advantages to SSB linear birds.   AMSAT needs a
mix, and is on the right track.

I dont know what you want?  Drop all work on ECHO
and begin a 5 year, $10,000,000 campaign tomorrow
for the next HEO?  By the way, we wouldnt save 
much at all.  A launch is contracted for years in 
advance and if you dont show up, you still pay...
It would be stupid to stop working on ECHO...

Lets divert all this energy toward the next HEO and 
stop the useless carping about ECHO.  Its not one
or the other.  SPACE is big.  There's room for both..

de WB4APR, Bob


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