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AMSAT-BB forums

Robin's email brings up a good point:
Would it be prudent to split the AMSAT-BB boards into two or three different
boards to address the "signal to noise" issue.
The three groups I see most prevalent:
1. Technical, to discuss technical issues, sat building, hardware and such
2. Operational, to discuss spacecraft operating 
3. Policy & Politics 
(I have no clue how much effort this would entail for Paul to set it up)
I might end up signing up for all three, but mail rules will make it easy
splitting it into three different folders of interest.
Assi kk7kx/4x1kx

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What is the purpose of -BB? It is there firstly for  the use of the 
membership to exchange technical information and to ask technical
Secondly it is there to ask other non technical questions  regarding 
Satellite operations, licensing, regulations etc.
Thirdly it can be  used to trade ideas for future satellites and influence 
AMSAT future policy in  this regard.
There are three good ways to use -BB and I am sure you can think  of more 
constructive items. 
Let us get out of the negative thinking modes,  for if you want the BoD and 
Officers to read the BB on a regular basis, then  let's make it a


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