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Re: One working LEO?

One factoid that the rabid HEO anti-ECHO crowd
should consider is that in 1997/98, there were
about 17 working satellites and 16 of them were
LEO's.  You could "work" 11 of them mobile with
an FM rig. The only HEO was a limping AO-10.

And AMSAT BOD was investing HEAVILY in AO-40.
(wow, right answer).

A few months ago, there was ONE working HEO and
only, what, ONE working LEO and a few basket
cases.?  AND in anticipation of such a situation
a few years ago, the AMSAT BOD had began investing 
in a new LEO (their first one in 11 years?) ECHO.
(wow, again, right answer) 

In the mean time, AMSAT-DL has been investing
heavily in a follow-on HEO.  (wow, right answer).

So fortunately, despite the current crop of knee-jerks
reaction and whining, is the well tempered and sound 
thinking of our prudent volunteers working calmly to 
apply our very small and valued resources to do what's
next.  I hope they continue to keep their eyes ahead 
and make best use of our resources.

More HEO's and more LEO's we want them all.
But it takes time and money and hard decisions
have to be made.   Yep time to get ECHO in orbit
and then march out smartly on a HEO...

Or if the whiners can find a spare $10,000,000
we can start tomorrow...

de WB4APR, Bob

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