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Re: Re: The hard questions..


> For the next satellite, we need to employ another NASA technique, and have
> mandatory and formal design review by outsiders not intimately connected to
> the project. Independent review can spot many problems that are invisible to
> the people who work day to day on the project. I recently spent several weeks
> trying to debug some code that I wrote, until I got someone else to look at it
> and they discovered that one line of code had been left out, I failed to see
> it but someone else spotted it.
> Dan Schultz N8FGV
> Amsat Member #9069

This is right along the "open-source" satellite design approach that
some had advocated.  But so long as the design of the spacecraft that
AMSAT builds is a secret from the constituancy that pays for it, this
won't be as effective.  When this gets fixed, perhaps I'll re-join
AMSAT-NA.  I think this issue should also be considered in the context
of any decision that AMSAT-NA makes to fund other spacecraft builders.

And no, I let my membership lapse last fall when it expired due to 
this and other reasons.


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