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Re: alternatives

At 03:58 PM 2/16/2004 -0700, Al Zoller wrote:
>Now that AO-40 is not available and many of us are in a funk, here is
>another alternative that might help accelerate the next HEO.
>WHAT IF: After Echo is on station, AMSAT-NA scraped the Eagle
>project and approached AMSAT-DL with the offer of the Eagle resources
>in an effort to accelerate the P3-E launch?
>I know I don't know all of the ramifications of such a move but I sure would
>like to hear what the BoD thinks about it.
>73 de N7UB, Al
>AMSAT LM1505, PC,
>Area Coordinator,
>Cube-Sat Advisor


In theory this sounds good.....But,

...if the resources are hardware there is little probablity that it will
fit the design requirements of P3E.  It might, but not likely.  If you mean
cash well then you are advocating placing all our "eggs" in one basket
(satellite + Launch)!  I think that is not a very good thing to do in light
of the history of satellites.

If you wish to support P3E, that is good -- do it!  But I believe it is
prudent to have a second HEO phase-3 satellite in production for the
future.  It sure would be nice right now if there was another AO-13 about
to be launched.  If there is a criticism of AO-40, it is that all the
"eggs" went up in one "basket" that took a decade to become a "bird".  {no
backward criticism...but we should learn from experience}

I say lets get Echo up there as the Leo's are also disappearing fast.  It
will not take very much cash in the scheme of things.  Then put our backing
into the replacement for a phase-3 linear transponding HEO satellite.  I
would not do another AO-40 "carbon-copy" though.  Put up several "eggs" in
several "baskets".

We need another mode-B (U/V) sat.  We also now need another mode-S sat (U
or L).  Echo will satisfy the FM-Leo and digital sat needs (and new
technology investigation)...for now.  I sure hope PC-sat II isn't waiting
for a ride too long, either!  Someday, I (personal wish) would like to see
a mode-S/X sat.  {one that takes only an 18-inch dish with dual-band feed
on the ground}

Ed - AL7EB

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