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LEO's and HEO's: comment from afar

Yes, this discussion is getting very feirce.  I'd like to toss out my
outside observation as a newcomer... I am personally frustrated we've lost
our only HEO with no backup plan.  No body's fault.  My wife is pissed at me
for spending all this time and money on a dish and electronics the day
before AO-40 went down and never used it!!

Many of the dedicated HEO'ers I can see on this list are frustrated and
angry.  In some way, no different than my telling a patient or family bad
news or about a bad outcome.  It no-ones fault and when it is someone's,
it's often the person receiving the bad news.  There is anger with no place
to go with it.  An easy way to release it is to find someone to give it to,
rightly or not.  In my job, I am often the recipient and just let it go
because a person greiving can't see that possibility.

My suggestion, those sending out anger and accusatons, recognize the moment
before hitting the send key the possibility that we're just frustrated and
have no-one or nothing to be angry at... and those on the receiving end,
recognize that people put a lot of time and money into working HEO's and now
we're looking at the real possibility that this part of the hobby is gone
for quite a while.

My team psychologist has a great line.  "At the end of the day, we're all
just human".

Michael Hatzakis, Jr MD K3MH

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