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To Art Feller

On Feb 16, 2004, at 6:05 PM, Arthur H Feller wrote:

> Barry,
> >At 11:44 AM 16-02-2004, you wrote:
> >AMSAT's budget is a joke and spending seems to be without direction 
> or >controls.
> It appears that this opinion shows knowledge of neither the budget nor 
> our financial controls nor our accounting system nor our audits.
> You're welcome to ask about any of these things.  But, I'm really not 
> thrilled about having all the good, hard work done by so many people a 
> joke.
> Would you?
> Be nice.  It costs nothing and earns amazing returns.
> 73, art.....
> W4ART  Fairfax, VA
> Treasurer

Art I am going to respond to you. I was hoping to let this drop but... 
I know all to well about the budget.  I helped prepare the budget two 
years in a row with Robin. So I feel I have every right to criticize 
the poor excuse for a budget you defend.  The first year I helped Robin 
do the budget I asked him why the Treasurer didn't do the Budget.  His 
answer was, you refused.

So which part of the hard work are you invovled in Art?  Since the 
budget went to the BOD after me and Robin prepared it.  You aren't on 
the BOD so you have to live with what ever they vote on.

I do remember you stating at the BOD meeting in Toronto that the 
reserve has shrunk to a point that it was not large enough to cover one 
years of expenses.  I also remember you were ignored.  Probably because 
of your lack of participation in the budget process.

Remember Art be nice it costs nothing.


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