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A few observations from a cynical engineer...


We are a community of experimenters, and the opportunity to practice that
experimentation is enhanced
by the grant of an Amateur Radio License and hence the opportunity to
practice communication in the
Amateur Satellite Satellite Service.

As in all branches of scientific research, you start with the neophyte
technician and progress through the
ranks with the ultimate position if you have the aptitude, tenacity and
political awareness of being the Professor.
I see that as being a good metaphor for the abilities of the people involved
in the AMSAT organisation. Having
said that, you should never forget your purpose, the need to experiment to
discover more.

Therefore, to progress, through the acquisition of knowledge, there is a
need for tools for experimenters at all levels
of experience.

>From a practical point of view, I know that AMSAT memberships are at least
stable but there is a tendency for the
membership to decline as the population gets older (we are not all
Professors but a large number, I imagine, have
grey hair). Therefore, we need to encourage more youth and inquisitve minds
into the domain if we are to progress,
using the wisdom we have garnered from our experience.

It is simply a waste of time & energy on destructive comments and aspertions
when it could be better used in
educating others in the marvellous opportunity to experiment that the
Amateur Satellite Service gives us.

To the people theorising, designing, building & controlling our experimental
tools, I doff my hat, as I am someone who is
a simple experimenter and who contributes 'in kind' & by donation to
something I am passionate about!

73 or 88, where appropriate


For the record:
Editor AMSAT-UK Oscar News
Sub-Editor AMSAT-NA (ANS)
AU-UK 1267
Life Member AMSAT-NA
Gold Member Presidents' Club

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