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Re Hard Questions

There seems to be a lot of hot air floating around and little action from
lots of guys , if the hot air was translated into dollars both echo and
Eagle would have been fully funded by now.
I see a need for FM SSB Data LEOs, HEOs and anything else we can get up
there. If you want new blood to come in, you need some simple sats for them
to work on. How many guys have started satellite ops purely on the basis of
AO40 ? 50% of us? I don't think so.
I've donated to Echo and will be donating to the Eagle and others as they
come along, let's look forward and get both birds into orbit, we need action
not words.
And for those who are moaning about using FM, there are some of us who think
that now we've mastered the U/S bands on satellites will be looking at the
higher ones and also the next challenge,  laser 560nm (green) up, 670nm
(red) down.

Mike G3LGR
AMSAT 33643

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