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Cheer up!

Hey guys, lighten up...

Now that AO-40 is on sabbatical, there are actually some things to be happy
about...here are ten for starters...

(remember this is supposed to be FUN)

1.  No need to sweep the snow out of the dish...wait for it to melt.
2.  Now we can catch up on our sleep!  No more 3:00 am passes.
3.  Go ahead and transmit into your downconverter...well maybe not...but if
you did it wouldn't matter.
4.  Who cares about portable telephone interference on the downlink?
5.  No more worrying about the L-banders sucking off the power from the
6.  No more worrying about U-banders clogging up the works with their piddly
grill dishes and poor downlinks.
7.  Who cares what format the beacon data are in...doesn't matter!
8.  Go ahead run the microwave....make some S-band popcorn!
9.  So your antenna rotor froze solid and won't turn....doesn't need to turn
10. Can't get the polarity right on your patch feed?  Who needs polarity

...is it spring yet?

Grant Zehr AA9LC

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