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AMSAT'ers and all bird chasers:

I rarely post to the -bb but I do read it regularly. With the recent banter,
I feel compelled to chime in, especially knowing that at least some of
the BoD also read the -bb.

Since Echo is nearly a reality. Lets see it to completion. Whether you
ever intend to use Echo or not, or agree with the decision to build it
or not, I am very sure that you will feel some satisfaction when it is
in orbit.

Now that AO-40 is not available and many of us are in a funk, here is
another alternative that might help accelerate the next HEO.

WHAT IF: After Echo is on station, AMSAT-NA scraped the Eagle
project and approached AMSAT-DL with the offer of the Eagle resources
in an effort to accelerate the P3-E launch?

I know I don't know all of the ramifications of such a move but I sure would
like to hear what the BoD thinks about it.

73 de N7UB, Al
Area Coordinator,
Cube-Sat Advisor

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