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> VOTE FOR: ECHO....EAGLE....P3E....OTHERS______________

Too bad we can't use all this hot air and useless energy
to launch things to orbit.  Its a sad comentary on today's
me-first attitude that everyone thinks its all their way or
no way.  And only ONE way is the RIGHT way.

I'm thankful the AMSAT BOD is wiser than some of the
ill considered posts seen here.  Launching ECHO 
(the first AMSAT-NA LEO in what 12 years?) is not
a negative, its a great positive in a long line of positives
accomplished by AMSAT including AO-40.  

If the hate-mongering HEO fanatics want to insist on
equal resources for HEO's and LEO's, then they should
think twice.  AO40 was a fantastic HEO and consumed
a lot of AMSAT resources just like any satellite does.  
The LEO guys didnt complain.  So now, ECHO just 
happens to be the next one in the pipeline, let
them finish the job.

Take a deep breath, relax a little and let those people 
who actually do work instead of complain all day, get one 
satellite in the air without all this ankle biting... keeping
them from the job at hand.

Everyone agrees, we need a new HEO.  But complaining 
does nothing to get it built.

de WB4APR, Bob
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