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Re: Re:Re: Re: The hard questions..

On Monday 16 February 2004 08:17, Lou McFadin wrote:

> I support Stacey on what he did and would have probably done exactly
> the same thing.
> Lou McFadin W5DID
> P3D Integration manager

 Hi Lou,
   Thanks for the info....I might have done the same thing also... but its not 
a matter of support...because its not a matter of trying to hang Stacey or 
any command op...  

  its a matter of a very expensive spacecraft that took a very long time to 
build that will take a long time to replace dying a early death. 
    Unfortunately went cant all sit down have a beer and bat this around... 
and play what if's...
   I'm sure there is a lot of messages flying  around off the BB doing just 
that, playing what if... but "we" dont get to see those so I'm sure we are 
rehashing some old stuff here on the BB...

I'm glad that P3-E's battery configuration is being rexamined... thats the 
right thing to happen based on ao40's problem.... and thats the point and the 
outcome of a post-mortem.  

I dunno, on one hand we have the BB where people can ask questions but too 
many times it ends up as personal attacks rather than debating the issues...

on the other hand we have the AMSAT dogma of be quiet don't question anything 
that every decision made by AMSAT is correct..

    I would again suggest that our next sats be more "open sourced"  all the 
comments and debates on how things are done might get hairy at times but at 
least people would know the "why" things were done a certain way and if just 
one hole got fixed before it was discovered in space then it might be worth 
the extra pain...

Kevin WA6FWF


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